Review: Rat Jackson "Midnight Get Right" 

  It’s now a matter of shared faith among all of us – tweedy Chomskyites, Oprahfied eat-pray-lovers, Farm Town enthusiasts – that we can uncover vast regions of the individual psyche simply by boiling life down to a couple of choices between two related but dissimilar items. You know the ones. Is my stepsister’s new boyfriend going to take her on a six state killing spree? Hey there,… Read more

Review: The Honored Guests: Into Nostalgia 

This review originally appeared at Secret Carrboro Ninja Patrol. One of the welcome outcomes of the recent implosion of the music industry has been the reemergence of the EP as the de facto release format for independent artists. Enter on cue the The Honored Guests'new release Into Nostalgia, a record not only designed musically for the middle distances of the EP but one that also… Read more

On Preservation Hall 

I FIRST saw Preservation Hall on a school trip to New Orleans when I was eleven. A handful of us had been granted, as a reward for being responsible and well-behaved students, the opportunity to run wild for a weekend in the wicked city. One of our chaperones on the trip was Mr. Dials, a music teacher who, I was sure, had never in his life received a reward for being responsible or well-behaved. Mr. Dials… Read more

Rich McLaughlin and the Pneurotics 

I was tempted to do a short write-up of the Pneurotics show I saw last week at Night Light, but I suspected that a certain wily, Southern-milltown Ninja might be stalking among the crowd, quietly gathering vital intelligence that would render irrelevant and naive any information I could provide. I am never wrong. Please go read the Ninja's excellent show review (he really writes some of the… Read more

Reunion Show: Mayflies USA 

The genre of music called "power pop" takes a lot of shit. Much of it unfair. I'm beginning to think that the sour attitude many "serious" music fans and music critics have towards power pop probably correlates roughly to Tolstoy's famous opening to Anna Karenina: happy songs are all alike; every unhappy song is unhappy in its own way. Whether the songs are actually about… Read more

Can't Seem To Make This Song Mine 

This morning my iTunes shuffle pulled up Alex Chilton's live cover the Seeds' classic psychadelic love song "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," and it got me to thinking how poor a cover of the original that it was. Over the years, I've heard several bands attempt a more or less faithful version of "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," but I can't seem to remember any being that good… Read more

You're Tired of Me 

I first heard Milton Brown's music when I was a college radio DJ. I had given myself the challenge of picking a random city and putting together a 45 minute show centered around it. Late in the year I finally landed on Ft. Worth and, in the course of digging around, discovered Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies. Like a lot of casual music fans, I knew that Bob Wills was the "king of western… Read more

Even Butlins Get the Blues 

CARRBORO ROCK BAND Schooner has just finished recording their third full length album, and I’m gearing myself up for another set of their powerful and artfully arranged tunes. As another reviewer has written, Schooner simply does not write bad songs, and that’s pretty remarkable for a band as ambitious as they are. In anticipation of the new album, however, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about… Read more

Vinyl Records 

I went to the Aminal double EP release show last night at the 506. The event was the opening salvo of a music series presented by Vinyl Records, a start-up label/artist co-op run by undergraduates at UNC. For a town that's saturated with great music, Chapel Hill can be, weirdly, an intimidating place for undergraduate musicians to get up on their feet and playing out (particularly paying gigs). So I'm really… Read more

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