Chocolate Cake 

 (from The Last Night of the Revels)

You haunt me down, Lord, run me back across the stampede trail

Into a wild disgraced by a stranger in a lover’s place

Come on and build me a road so I can trip and stumble back home

I want to stay with my folks, my dad is great, my dad give us the chocolate cake

Cuz that's what a man do and I’m gonna be a man, too

I’ll travel across the United States, at least the lower forty eight

‘til I can find me a sound: something I can reveal, something I can believe,

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Town & Country 

(from Rain is the Soup of the Dogs in Heaven)

Make me your first time and I’ll make a little promise that I’m gonna make you mine, and well,

These wheels beat a path to your door, if I didn’t know no better I’d say that’s what they’re there for

Teach me the words to say and I’ll say ‘em real sweet in an extra special way and hey

Each moment that passes us by, it ain’t ever coming back it don’t matter how we try

And oh. was it long ago? Was it so, was it so, was it so long ago?


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Natural Ghost 

(from Rain is the Soup of the Dogs in Heaven)

Saw you in the t-shirt line after the show, did you know
Guys have these chemicals that’ll make your heart beat

One word could make your heart beat.

Let the words call out from my lips to your ears

Let my words fall out from my lips to your lips

Let my words roll down your throat

Let the words rise up like a note

Let my love stamp round like the boots beneath your feet

Let my love tug hard at the end of your lead

Wrap my love up in your robe

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The End of the Horse Drawn Zeppelin 

 (from The Last Night of the Revels)

Finely floating ‘bove the tops of the trees
Where in the thick summer leaves birds are dreamin’

Distant spires tell the toll of the dawn
As in the shipyards beyond the forge is steamin’

And like the first dark cloud in June

We will block out the sun in our patchwork balloon
But oh how passing strange…

Your ways are softly yet so strong
That I still think you’re around even after you’re gone
Even after you’re gone.

Foul bellows blow, breathe in and breathe out
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Ballad of John Grove 

(from The Last Night of the Revels)

Where ya been, where ya been my friend­?
I been sittin’ round here waitin’ for the world to end
And I been thinking ‘bout the days we wasted fillin’ up
In loving hope the nights would spill our cup

And I been thinking how those glory days all disappeared

And led us stumbling back through here again
Oh yes, my friend, waitin’ for the world to end.

Where’d you go, where’d you go John Grove?
I’ve been lookin’ round and put to ground but don’t nobody seem to know

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The Road to Mocharabuiee 

 (from The Last Night of the Revels)

Steady rollin’ along, oh strong vintage brings the boasts out of me
You could float me back to Eden on a stream of mellow seasons
Still my thoughts fly to Mocharabuiee.

Where the blood laughs in the veins and black bottles drip to the drains

With the filth and the foam.
And all the stars up above you don’t shine bright enough to love you
No, just bright enough to show when you’re alone.

Oh and you’re alone.

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Lissome Grenadine 

(From Rain is the Soup of the Dogs in Heaven)

She makes my whiskeys sour; she’s fine
Gins and tonic come snow or shower; that’s right
She like the tiny little bubbles in a plastic cup of that wine
She like the tiny little bubbles in a plastic cup of that wine

Cheap champagne poured by the dozen,
She got lips of sweet Vidalia onions
Oh, lissome grenadine won’t take off a loose of my tie.
She like the tiny little bubbles in a plastic cup of that wine
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A Misplaced Mercy 

(From Rain is the Soup of the Dogs in Heaven)

Hail Suzy Bailey, she don’t hail from this town,
She takes to the water, no she don’t make a sound
On this hot August night, good Lord have mercy if she takes me outright
On this hot August night, Lord, don’t be cruel

If it’s Sunday morning in a guilty man’s heart
It’s a Saturday night in that other part, ah,
Your half-hearted smile is the finest thing I seen in a good goddamn while
If you read the directions on the back of my soles
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Draftsman's Aubade 

Oh let me begin, out where nobody’s been
And out on the edge of the pages where I feel your onionskin
And I’ve got no secrets, no secrets from you
And one thing’s for certain, I’ll be here all night
In your light.

And if the bridge falls down we’ll be in the ocean
Building countries out of sand
And if the walls fall down we’ll be pushing daisies
We’ll be pushing time

You don’t care if I lie cause you don’t know wrong from right
And you have the color of guiltless, ah guiltless, summertime
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Heat Lightning 

A curse on the sunlight for a curse on the shade
Four golden feathers with jasmine inlaid
Hands palms down upon the table
She said “son, do you trust cards to a woman like me
Do you have a pillow to lie upon?
Or do you tread swiftly on heat lightening?”

A sliver of moonlight heads bowed in between
Cat-head biscuits and corn silverqueen
Many a boy’s fortune of pinewood is made
And few are the number who take god’s peace to their graves.
“Will you stay here tonight for a traveler’s song
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© 2009 Sinful Savage Tigers